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ElgalCoin employs the most outstanding features to provide a stable source of income, fast transactions and primarily to protect investors' fairness and assets.

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Just a few simple steps. You can register and become Elgal's investor. All investors will be entitled to privileges and benefits according to ElgalCoin's policy.




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We are providing positive and transparent investment packages to make more profits for investors.

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We support numerous payment methods, which assist the investors with more uncomplicated to purchase and withdraw from ElgalCoin platform.


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ElgalCoin's tokens (EGC) are based on ERC20 algorithm by using the Ethereum blockchain. The creation of the EGC is the first step towards the ElgalCoin's platform operating on the decentralized Blockchain, utilizing a single global utility token with which to invest.

Road map

September 2019

Initial Price: $0.3


February 2020

Expected Price: $0.6


August 2020

Expected Price: $1



Expected Price: $1.8



Expected Price: $8.5



Expected Price: $20

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ElgalCoin's wallet is the next-generation application designed to offer a global blockchain wallet for sending, receiving, and storing cryptocurrencies for seamless and efficient method.

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ElgalCoin publishes documents related to our platform. It doesn't only assist investors to grasp information and understand more about our project but also helps them more convenient in sharing or presenting to others.

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Daily ROI will be paid to investors at the end of the day from Monday to Saturday (Local time).
The percentage amount which public by ElgalCoin in the Total ROI section is also the time to complete an investment package.
Ex: Member package has a Total ROI of 190% and a daily income of 0.3% to 3%. So Member package will be completed when the total daily income reaches 190%.
Certainly, investors can convert EGC to BTC, ETH and USDT with an extremely satisfactory fee.
Fee: 5%
Investors can register more than one account with an email address at ElgalCoin platform. This helps you manage data more efficiently, avoiding misleading information.
You can activate only one investment package per an account on ElgalCoin's system. However, you can upgrade to a higher investment package at any time and own benefits following the new investment package policy instantly.
Our platform accepts the following cryptocurrencies:
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • ElgalCoin (EGC)
The management fee is the fee that you have to pay systematically to maintain and upgrade the bot systems which applied with AI technology as well as the defense system of the investment package.
There are 3 times that the investors have to pay for this fee is 50%, 100% and 150% of the investment package price.
EGC is built on the ERC20 algorithm of the Ethereum blockchain network, so most wallets that support ERC20 token of Ethereum can store EGC. However, to ensure the security of the assets and the interests of investors, the ElgalCoin platform would suggest some highly secure wallets such as:
  • ElgalCoin's Wallet
  • MyEtherWallet
  • Trust Wallet
  • ImToken Wallet
  • Cipher Wallet
The time to complete the withdrawal order is not fixed; it depends on the number of confirms of the Blockchain system. The maximum time to complete a withdrawal order is 24 hours. If you have not received your payment after the time mentioned above, please contact our support team via email [email protected]!
With various kinds of cryptocurrencies, there will be different fees
  • Bitcoin: 0.0005 BTC
  • Ethereum: 0.02 ETH
  • Tether: 1.5 USDT
  • ElgalCoin: 1 EGC
The minimum amount for a withdrawal order depends on the regulation of each cryptocurrency. Any cryptocurrency will have a minimum amount limit for a withdrawal order.
  • Bitcoin: 0.002 BTC
  • Ethereum: 0.05 ETH
  • Tether: 10 USDT
  • ElgalCoin: 10 EGC
Please access the referral link you received (if available or contact our support team) and fill in all required items!
At ElgalCoin, you must have a sponsor to be able to register for an account at our platform.
Please activate one of the investment packages of ElgalCoin before submitting your referral link to anyone else!
ElgalCoin offers 3 affiliate links: left, right and automatic, making it easy for investors to arrange members in the network and maximize profits.
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